Rush Test for Echo

Test for Echo was the 16th studio album by RUSH. This was the last album they recorded for quite a while. A family issue with Peart (See On a Side Note section for more details) led the band to a hiatus until 2002. This was album had very good critical reception. Allmusic reviewer Stephen Thomas Erlewine a 3 out 5 stars. He said they "rarley played better in the past decade."

Track ListingEdit

  1. Test for Echo
  2. Driven
  3. Half the World
  4. The Color of Right
  5. Time and Motion
  6. Totem
  7. Dog Years
  8. Virtuality
  9. Resist
  10. Limbo
  11. Carve Away the Stone

On a Side Note....Edit

  • Peart's daughter had died in a single car crash, and his wife passed away 10 months later with problems stemming off of cancer, but Peart said she had died from a broken heart "it was a slow suicide from apathy." "She just didn't care." he said in a later interview.
  • Test for Echo reached position number one on the Mainstream Rock chart.
  • The hit song Driven became a primary bass showcase for Lee's performances.