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The first album of their careers began with the album called RUSH. Geddy Lee was the primary vocalist at this time, Alex Lifeson being the secondary vocalist. This also marked the first and last album with the original drummer John Rustey. Lifeson, Lee, and Rustey worked together on this album. While the music was group effort, the lyrics were mainly written by Lee. Many critics were not fond of Lee's voice, saying that "he sounded like Mickey Mouse on helium", but the fans of the band said otherwise, now looking back, most people miss the youth that was in his voice. Ironic in a way.

Track ListingEdit

The lyrics in the music were mainly written by Lee, while the music was mainly wrote by Rutsey and Lifeson

  1. Finding My Way
  2. Need Some Love
  3. Take a Friend
  4. Here Again
  5. What You're Doing
  6. In The Mood
  7. Before And After
  8. Working Man

On a Side Note....Edit

The woman, Donna Halper, had played this album in Cleaveland Ohio on the hit radio station WMMS, or Cleavlend Rocks. She chose the now hit song, Working Man as "bathroom music", or music that the radio people chose so if they had to "answer the call of nature", the record wouldn't stop playing.

  • The song Working Man was the most well known song, and it gave the band their big break after it was played on a popular radio station in Cleveland.
  • The band chose to film the DVD for their Time Machine Tour 2011 in Cleveland out of respect for their first real exposition.
  • John Rustey left the band for his primary distaste in touring and problems stemming off of diabetes.
  • The album letters were supposed be a red-ish color but there was a printing error making them pink.
  • This has only happened to the band on other time, on the failure of an album Caress of Steel.