220px-Rush Fly by Night

Fly By Night album cover

The second album of the RUSH legacy. This album introduced the new drummer, Neil Peart. After John Rustey quit, the band held auditions for a new drummer. Neil, obviously, made the cut. And aside from being the new drummer he started to incorperate his love of Fantasy and Sci-Fi into the new music, and by the time the album was complete, Neil Peart was the new song writer for RUSH.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Anthem
  2. Best I Can
  3. Beneath, Between, & Behind
  4. By-Tor & The Snow Dog
  5. Fly By Night
  6. Making Memories
  7. Rivendell
  8. In The End

On a Side Note....Edit

  • Though Peart became the main songwriter, Lee still wrote some music with and without Peart, like the song Best I Can.
  • By-Tor & The Snow Dog was the band's first mini epic song before Caress of Steel.
  • The song Rivendell is based from J.R.R. Tolkien's epic book series "The Lord of The Rings".
  • Fly By Night is one of many songs that have the same name as the album they originated from.